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Did you ever wonder why some attorneys can resolve a case in one phone call or court appearance, while other attorneys work on the same case for years?  No two attorneys are alike.

The internet offers consumers over 1,000 lawyer referral websites. Typically these referral sites allow any attorney who can afford to advertise to be listed. If the attorney was that good, he really would not need to advertise.

TOP100LAWYERS.com is the preeminent web portal that limits its attorney listings to the top 100 lawyers practicing in every major area of law across the country. 

Endorsed by The Bar Association Group, as well as top law firms and judges, every attorney listed in this site has undergone a strict level of scrutiny to be recognized as a member of Top 100 Lawyers. All lawyers have a minimum of 5 years of practice in their specialty and are members in good standing in their states own Bar Association.

If you are dealing with a serious matter, you want an attorney who is recognized as being one of best in his or her field.